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The following are a number of client endorsements of which Verling Consulting is very proud. Client feedback is critical to our continued high performance, we use it to reinforce the good and improve on weaknesses. We welcome constructive feedback at all times and encourage you to give us your comments. If you would like to comment on your experience of Verling Consulting's delivery or any aspect of our business please do so through our Contact Us page.

"Cavan County Enterprise Board have engaged Verling Consulting to deliver training and mentoring supports to our clients. We have found VERLING Consulting to be highly professional, approachable and flexible in their delivery methods. The feedback which we received from our clients was extremely positive, rating the quality of training and service as excellent." - Marcella Rudden, LEO Cavan.

"The training approach and delivery provided by Verling Consulting has been of a high quality and relevance to (making it) programme participants. Craft NI evaluation of the making it programme indicates that Francis' ability to develop rapport with programme participants, provision of insight and practical advice specific to their business and his understanding of the fundamentals of what makes a business work, are highly valued by programme participants. He is always professional and innovative in his approach to meeting the needs of programme participants and those of Craft NI." - Declan Campbell - Development Officer - Craft NI

"I am very pleased to feedback that our programme participants were very satisfied with Verling Consulting's training courses in terms of course content, trainer delivery, course matertials & handouts and overall enjoyment" - Frederic Herrera, Programme manager - Create Digital Media Enterprise Platform Programme - IADT Dun Laoghaire

"Verling Consulting is professional in every way with the added bonus of being very approachable. I have no hesitation in using their services in the future." - Noleen Murray, Programme Manager - Creative Enterprise Office - LEO Louth.

"Francis Verling has worked with the Craftmark project on various different occassions throughout the last two years, he has delivered a range of services from training to facilitation and at all times his work has been consistent in quality and relevance. He has been popular with our clients and always professional and innovative in his approach to our needs." Sarah Mallon, Craftmark - LEO Louth

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